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December 26, 2017

Season's update - 2

It was not to be – or vice versa … ;-)

There WAS a Fun Cup Race at Modellbau Wien 2017 at the track of the famous ETC-Series!

It was more or less a lucky event because the model fair was open for 4 days but ETC races are only scheduled for 3 days. So we could have a nice day of racing at a great place and staged a good show in front of the visitors of the fair on the National Holiday.

On the other side it took quite some time to prepare the FCA event and therefor the museum had to wait – again …

October 9, 2017

Seasons update

Bad weather spoiled the last race of Fun Cup Austria at RC Parndorf 2 two times – so the outdoor season 2017 seems to be over.

This year there will be no FCA races at Modellbau Messe Wien – it's a pity but it might give us some time to work on the museum pages ;-)

The most recent additions to the collection:

– XRay X10'18 Pan Car (updated version for one of my favourite classes)

– Schumacher CAT XLS Masami Special Edition (Replica of the 1986 Worlds winning CAT XL)

– XRay T4'17 Touring Car (THE car to have at this time)

– Schumacher Mi6evo (update to last years Mi6)

– Carrera Structo Porsche 908/3 (1/12 scale car in Targa Florio/Gulf livery – detailed by Max)

February 15, 2017

Long time, no hear …

Unnoticed from the public a lot of ideas and design changes happened – to the still unpublished new version of!

And some old and new cars were added to the already long list of museum pieces.

The most recent additons:

– Schumacher Eclipse 1/12 scale (a new LMP car after 30 years!)

– revitalised Schumacher SPC-Car (to celebrate the newcomer) :-)

– Tamiya Porsche 934RSR Jägermeister (TA-02SW jubilee edition)

– HPI RS4Super EP in a "Signature Edition" (from the famous LRP Ice Racing Events)

– HPI Sprint2 Flux Porsche 911GT3 Falken (incredible looks – and performance – for an RTR kit)

December 21, 2014

New address

The RC-Car Museum is now also avialable at www.rccarmuseum.NET

We thought it makes sense to use at least a .net domain for an internet based museum …

… and because it is quite complicated (almost impossible) to get a .museum domain for a private collection!

TL, Assistant to the Board

December 3, 2014

First steps …

Two improvised rooms are open now:

> Atrium containing 2 cars

> Aula showing 12 Porsche models

Plans for the new museum are in the finishing stages – and this will lead to a better overview and arrangement of cars.

And there will be a better and clearer intro to the exhibitons too!

TL, Assistant to the Board