There is always room for improvement

Schumacher Cougar KF2SE

  • Manufacturer: Schumacher, United Kingdom
  • Bodyshell: Schumacher KF2SE
  • Chassis: Cougar KF2 Aluminium
  • Drive Train: 4WD, belt
  • Standard: oil filled,rear ball,ball bearing

Small changes to the body shell but more improvements to chassis and drive train …

Cougarkf2se c

One of three possible motor positions to adjust the handling characteristics to different tarack and grip conditions.

Cougarkf2se b

SE stands for Special Edition with updated chassis to allow different drive train options.

Cougarkf2se d2

Small changes to the chassis and some extra parts allow for 3 different motor positions – shown is the mid motor position for mid and low grip tracks.