Prototype racing in 1/10 scale

Schumacher Icon LMP

Icon lmp2a
  • Manufacturer: Schumacher, United Kingdom
  • Bodyshell: WRC Type 2
  • Motor: Robitronic 21.5T
  • Standard: all Volante Formula 1,Sanwa SDX-701,rear ball
  • Optional: Robitronic iCube BL,friction,2WD, direct,ball bearing

LMP racing is more to my liking … and also looks more realistic to me.

Icon lmp c

Another front bumper and switching the rear wing to a diffusor were the main parts changed to fit an LMP body to the formula chassis.

Icon b

Box only contains the chassis so the bodyshell makes the difference.

919evo 2022

The full scale original Porsche 919 as seen at the Porsche Museum in 2022.