A step further …

Schumacher Eclipse 3

  • Manufacturer: Schumacher, United Kingdom
  • Bodyshell: Team Bomber Ketter LMP
  • Chassis: Eclipse 3 Carbon side rails
  • Motor: Hobbywing 13.5T
  • Standard: all Contact 35sh,Sanwa SRG-HR94971,rear ball
  • Optional: Sanwa Super Vortex Zero,friction,2WD, direct,ball bearing

A step further in 1/12 racing by adding side rails to adjust chassis flexibilty according to track conditions.

Eclipse3 c

Clear layout and battery fixing with a rubber ring instead of sticky tape.

Eclipse3 b

Showing the new designed rolling chassis – just add wheels and electronics to the kit.

Eclipse3 d

A long list of all the new ideas and features could be found on the back of the box for version 3 of the Eclipse series of 1/12 LMP cars.