Rear wheel drive at its best

XRay X10'15 Porsche 911 GT3

Xray x10 16 porsche911gt3
  • Manufacturer: XRay, Slovakia
  • Bodyshell: HPI Porsche 911GT3
  • Drive Train: 2WD, direct
  • Optional: ball bearing

An excellent designed and manufactured 2WD chassis for racing on-road – XRay's X10'15 luxury 200 mm pan car.

X10 15 c

Revival of 1:10 scale pan cars with only 200 mm overall width in the year 2015.

X10 15 b

As usual with XRay this luxury pan car comes in a nice little box.

X10 15 pf

For racing I preferred this lower profiled Protoform bodyshell.