My Porsche car for the 1/12 Euros 1982

Schumacher XL 935LH

Lexancar 935bl
  • Manufacturer: Schumacher, United Kingdom
  • Bodyshell: Bolink Porsche 935LH
  • Motor: Parma Porsche
  • Standard: ps-racing Model '81,rear ball,ball bearing
  • Optional: 2WD, direct

One of the early competition racing cars as used at my first Euros in Watford/UK 1982.

Xl c

A folded Lexan chassis and the ingenious ball differential were the outstanding features of the first Schumacher model car.

Lexancar d

The small orange Bantam Servo from Novak was the standard for 1/12 scale racing in the 1980ies.