GT12 is back

Schumacher SupaStox GT Porsche GT3RS

Supastoxgt2 gt3
  • Manufacturer: Schumacher, United Kingdom
  • Drive Train: 2WD, direct
  • Standard: rear ball,friction,all Contact 38sh
  • Optional: ball bearing,Robitronic Platinum 13.5T,Graupner DES 676 BB,Turnigy OneCell,Kamtec 911 GT3

Second generation of a – at least in the UK – very popular class. Low cost racing with similar cars – indoors and outdoors.

Supastoxgt c

Beam front axle and a motor pod with three viscous dampers and springs at the rear > an easy to service chassis with a lot of good design ideas.

Supastoxgt b

Still affordable and simply fast by adding some clever new design ideas.