A rare example from the early days …

Aero≈naut Aero–Car E 12 Sport Porsche 924

Aeronaut 924
  • Manufacturer: Aero≈naut, Germany
  • Bodyshell: Aero≈naut Porsche 924 GT LeMans

A rare model of a rare race car – the Porsche 924 was originally built as a more affordable priced sportscar by Porsche.

Aeronaut 924 c

This kind of chassis was used in the early days of 1/12 scale electric racing … only the bumper was custom fitted later on because the original square ABS one from the kit didn't like fitting for a Porsche car.

Aeronaut 924 b

In the kit I got the bumper was the one for the E 12 Datsun. So I decided to cut a better looking one from an ABS sheet.

Aeronaut 924 d

The Sport version – in those days the one meant for racing – came with an adjustable front axle similar to Japanese models.